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End of Quarter 1


Can anyone believe it is almost April? Finlay Motor Group certainly cannot! These last few months have really flown in. April see’s the end of Quarter 1 of 2016 and the beginning of Quarter 2.

This last quarter has been an absolute great one for us all here in Finlay Motor Group.  Already 2016 has seen some of Finlay Motor Groups biggest achievements to date. Here is a little snapshot of our proudest moments this quarter.

  1. Official Car partner of Curragh Racecourse – This is a deal we are very proud of as both organisations have a long standing history in the county of Kildare & being able to associate our Volvo brand with such a great organisation is an honour to Finlay’s.Curragh
  2. Being shortlisted for 2 SIMI awards – This was our first year to enter the SIMI awards, so the expectation of being shortlisted for even one award was merely a dream. The competition is always fierce and getting shortlisted for both our entries was fantastic for us.SIMI Awards 2016
  3. Winning SIMI 2016 Franchised Sales Operation of the Year – The delight at being shortlisted was soon to be topped by actually being named the Franchised Sales operation of the Year. This is a title we are very proud of and will be shouting fro the rooftops for years to come.SIMI Winner

Although these are the 3 proudest achievements of this quarter for us it has been an overall fantastic few months. We hope that this first quarter is a insight into how the rest of the year will go.

This year will also see Finlay Motor Group’s 80th year in business which will be another huge celebration for us in the near future.

It is great to finally see a positive turnaround for the car market in Ireland. Finlay’s are one of the lucky companies who made it through the recession. This is a matter we take great pride in and we do not take in for granted in anyway.

There is a positive outlook in Finlay’s and the Irish car market for the rest of the 2016 motoring year.

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