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162 Registrations


Finlay Reg plate

With the motoring industry in Ireland showing + 23% increase for the first half of the year according to SIMI, Finlay Motor Group is hoping for the same positivity for the rest of the year.

SIMI Director General Alan Nolan said ‘This year promises to be the first normal year of registrations since the recession and with the range of attractive offers available across all brands we are confident that 162 will also deliver in the coming months.”

With the 162 registrations well and truly under way we all here at Finlay’s are hoping that the industry stats and Alan are right.

To a lot of us it feels like we were only getting over the rush from 161. The hustle and bustle is exciting & it is great to see so many 162 vehicles on the road and an increase yet again in the motoring industry.

We like most of the dealers in the country have been busy busy getting all our lovely customers into their new vehicles as soon as possible.

We wish all our customers safe and happy driving in their new 162 vehicles & look forward to a positive second half of the year.


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