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Introducing the Volvo EX30: Setting New Standards for Safety in Urban Environments

Discover how the forthcoming, all-electric Volvo EX30 SUV incorporates cutting-edge safety features to protect both drivers and pedestrians in busy urban environments. Learn about Volvo's commitment to safety and its innovative technologies designed to prevent accidents and enhance the driving experience.
Volvo Cars has always been a frontrunner in automotive safety, and the upcoming Volvo EX30, our smallest ever SUV, is no exception. With 96 years of leadership and innovation in safety, Volvo is proud to introduce the EX30, an all-electric SUV that prioritizes safety for both the driver and others on the road. In this article, we will explore the advanced safety features of the Volvo EX30, designed specifically to navigate hectic urban environments.
Door Opening Alert: Enhancing Safety for Cyclists and Pedestrians
In busy city streets, accidents involving car doors opening unexpectedly pose a significant risk to cyclists and other road users. To address this concern, the Volvo EX30 is equipped with a door opening alert system. By employing visual and audio cues, this technology warns drivers when they are about to open their doors in the path of passing cyclists or other traffic users. This innovative feature aims to reduce the number of dooring accidents, which account for a considerable portion of reported bike accidents in many cities.
Safe Space Technology: Protecting People in Urban Environments
Volvo's commitment to safety extends beyond individual features. The Volvo EX30 incorporates Safe Space Technology, a comprehensive approach to protect people in bustling urban environments. Developed with a focus on pedestrians and cyclists, this small SUV integrates advanced safety systems to ensure a comfortable driving experience while safeguarding all road users.
State-of-the-Art Protective Safety
The Volvo EX30 is built upon Volvo's rich history of safety expertise and real-world accident research. The compact SUV is designed to provide optimal protection for both the driver and passengers in the event of a collision. Advanced restraint technology and a robust structural design, including reinforced safety cages, pillars, and roofs, form the foundation of this safety-focused vehicle. Additionally, the EX30 employs various forms of high-strength steel to ensure battery integrity, offering enhanced protection in the event of a crash.
Active Safety Features: Supporting Drivers Every Step of the Way
The Volvo EX30 goes beyond passive safety measures and embraces advanced active safety features to protect occupants inside and outside the vehicle. The SUV includes an advanced driver alert system that utilizes a special sensor behind the steering wheel to detect eye and face movements, helping identify distractions or drowsiness in real-time. Furthermore, Volvo's intersection auto brake feature actively prevents accidents at intersections by autonomously stopping the vehicle if another car unexpectedly crosses its path.
The forthcoming Volvo EX30 marks a new era of safety in urban environments. With its focus on protecting drivers and vulnerable road users, this all-electric SUV exemplifies Volvo's unwavering commitment to safety. From the door opening alert system to the advanced driver support technologies, the EX30 showcases Volvo's dedication to reducing accidents and enhancing the overall driving experience. Stay tuned for more details on the safety and driver support tech within the EX30 at its reveal on June 7. Experience a new level of safety with the Volvo EX30, setting new standards for safety in urban environments.
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Note: Descriptions and facts in this press material relate to Volvo Cars' international car range. Described features might be optional. Vehicle specifications may vary from one country to another and may be altered without prior notification.
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