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Ford Explores Three-Year Hydrogen Fuel Cell E-Transit Trial for Enhanced Zero-Emission Driving

Discover how Ford leads the way in hydrogen fuel cell technology with its three-year E-Transit trial. Enhance your commercial fleet's zero-emission driving range and efficiency. Finlay Ford in Naas is your trusted dealer for Ford commercial vehicles.
In a bid to revolutionize the commercial vehicle sector and reduce emissions, Ford is taking a pioneering step by leading an innovation consortium to test hydrogen fuel cell technology on its all-electric Ford E-Transit. This three-year project aims to evaluate the potential of hydrogen as an onboard energy source, enabling enhanced zero-emission driving range and faster refuelling for delivery van operators. Supported by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) and partnered with leading automotive technology and fleet operator companies, Ford aims to determine the feasibility and infrastructure requirements of hydrogen fuel cells for future commercial vehicles.
Driving Innovation with Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Ford's consortium, consisting of six renowned partners, including Ocado Retail, bp, Cambustion, Viritech, and Cygnet Texkimp, brings together expertise in various areas of hydrogen fuel cell technology. By combining Ford's 57-year experience as the UK's van market leader with the proficiency of fuel cell powertrain experts and fleet operators, this project seeks to integrate zero-carbon auto tech seamlessly into commercial vehicles.
Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity through the combination of hydrogen and oxygen, producing only water as a byproduct. The fuel cell system acts as a "gas battery," offering extended driving range and faster charging capabilities compared to conventional electric vehicle (EV) batteries. This technology is particularly beneficial for vehicles with heavy-duty use cases, such as long-distance transportation, maximum loads, ancillary equipment like chillers, and limited charging opportunities during a working shift.
The Path to Clean Deliveries
Ford's commitment to clean and sustainable deliveries is reflected in its exploration of fuel cell technology for its commercial vehicles. By leveraging the expertise gained from decades of fuel cell research and development, Ford aims to offer emission-free options for its largest, heaviest commercial vehicles while meeting the energy demands of its customers. This initiative aligns with Ford's "Road to Better" sustainability commitment, with its European operations on track to become carbon neutral by 2035.
A Collaborative Research Project
The three-year project will involve a test fleet of eight hydrogen fuel cell Ford E-Transits, running for six-month periods until 2025. These prototype vehicles will be equipped with a high-power fuel cell stack and advanced hydrogen storage capability, prioritizing safety, capacity, cost, and weight. The comprehensive data collected from the test fleet will provide valuable insights into the total cost of ownership and operation of large vans with enhanced zero-emission range and uptime comparable to diesel-powered equivalents.
Pioneering Sustainable Solutions
By spearheading this hydrogen fuel cell E-Transit project, Ford is at the forefront of developing sustainable solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. This research initiative not only validates the business case for hydrogen fuel cell technology but also addresses critical factors such as hydrogen usage, refuelling infrastructure, fuel cell system testing, and hydrogen storage design. Moreover, the project emphasizes the importance of efficient and viable recycling of end-of-life components, further contributing to a circular economy.
Ford's three-year hydrogen fuel cell E-Transit trial is a significant step toward achieving enhanced zero-emission driving for commercial vehicles. With a focus on increasing range, reducing refuelling time, and optimizing operational costs, this project aims to transform the way delivery van operators approach sustainability. By collaborating with industry leaders and leveraging its vast expertise, Ford is driving innovation and shaping the future of clean transportation. With these advancements, Ford's commitment to a sustainable future comes closer to reality, benefitting both businesses and the environment.
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