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Waze app is now available in your Volvo car

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If you're a Volvo car enthusiast who loves using the Waze app, we've got great news for you! The Waze app is now available in all Volvo cars around the world, thanks to our collaboration with Google. With just a one-time setup after downloading the app from the Google Play Store in your Volvo car, you'll have access to the best of Waze's real-time routing, navigation, and alerts. Whether you're driving alone or with someone else, navigation with Waze is just one simple tap away.
The in-car Waze app helps make your everyday journey easier by eliminating phone-related hassles and distractions. It offers the excellent functionalities that you've come to expect from the Waze app on your mobile phone, but with a bigger and bolder eye-level display area on Volvo Cars' infotainment system. This makes navigation more comfortable and seamless, allowing you to concentrate on the road.
Our commitment to continuously improving the experience in Volvo cars through our in-house software development and ongoing collaborations with tech companies such as Google and Waze is unwavering. We're excited to bring more options and benefits to our customers, allowing them to personalise their car.
Waze is also thrilled to announce our collaboration with Volvo Cars. Our real-time navigation, routing, and traffic alerts are now available to car owners around the world through the car's infotainment system. This simplified and seamless driving experience is achieved without needing to connect your phone to the car.
We were able to deliver a high-quality user experience before launching in customer cars today, thanks to the Android emulator offered on the Volvo Cars Developer Portal. We're excited to continue working with Volvo Cars to bring more innovations to the market.
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