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Volvo XC40: Now In stock at Finlay Motor Group

The Volvo XC40 Recharge is a pure electric compact SUV that offers a smart, versatile, and expressive driving experience. This vehicle is perfect for anyone who wants to drive a car that is environmentally friendly and offers advanced features that enhance the driving experience. The XC40 Recharge is now available for purchase at Finlay Motor Group.
The XC40 Recharge has an electric range of up to 500 kilometres, acceleration of 4.9 seconds from 0-100 km/h, 408 horsepower, and a fast-charging time of 27 minutes for 10-80%. This next-generation electric powertrain increases the capacity of the XC40 Recharge, giving you longer range and quicker DC fast charging.
One of the best things about the XC40 Recharge is that it doesn’t force you to choose between power and responsible driving. The car offers the comfort of one-pedal drive and smooth acceleration with zero tailpipe emissions. The XC40 Recharge is also available with a single or twin-motor powertrain. The rear-wheel drive single powertrain enhances the power and agility of the car, making your ride even more enjoyable.
The XC40 Recharge offers contemporary design and more sustainable materials that characterize every detail of the car. The car also offers smart details and enabling technology that your life demands. Some of these features include Google built-in, air purifier, Harman Kardon Premium Sound, 360° camera, cross-traffic alert, and the Volvo Cars app.
The XC40 Recharge offers best-in-class navigation with Google Maps seamlessly integrated into the car. Real-time traffic info and automatic rerouting help you reach your destination with less hassle. The car also offers Google Assistant, which allows you to talk to Google in your pure electric XC40 Recharge for hands-free help. You can easily get directions, enjoy entertainment, and keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues – just say “Hey Google” to get started.
The XC40 Recharge has a Google Play feature that allows you to stay connected to your digital life. Google Play in your pure electric XC40 Recharge lets you enjoy the apps and services that can make every journey more entertaining and convenient. The car also receives automatic over-the-air updates, ensuring you enjoy a car that keeps improving over time and is always up to date.
Volvo is always striving to enhance your Volvo experience. They stay up-to-date and continuously introduce new and useful in-car apps, making your journey more comfortable, more entertaining, increasingly enjoyable, and hopefully, completely hassle-free. The pure electric XC40 Recharge is supplied with up to four years subscription to the Digital services package. After this period, new terms apply.
The XC40 Recharge is designed for comfort and tech, making it the perfect car for anyone who wants a car that offers a helping hand. The car has advanced driver assistance technology that allows more relaxed driving. It can help you maintain a safe distance from cars in front by adapting your speed and keeping you centred in the lane by providing gentle steer assist. It’s also helpful in stop-and-go traffic and can even alert you if traffic is moving ahead without you after a stop.
If you subscribe to the Digital services package, you can enjoy full access to all the remote services in the Volvo Cars app, including locking and unlocking, cabin pre-cleaning and heating or cooling, and charging start. The advanced air purifier system prevents up to 80% of hazardous PM 2.5 particles from entering the cabin. This can help you and your passengers enjoy better and healthier air quality, no matter the conditions outside. You can even monitor particle and pollen levels outside the car.
The XC40 Recharge also offers pixel lights in a signature Thor’s Hammer design that are designed to help optimize your vision without dazzling other road users.
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