Make it Visible: Every construction worker counts

Make it Visible

Each and every construction worker is significant.  Despite taking all the necessary physical safety measures, construction remains one of the most hazardous occupations globally. Unfortunately, in the UK and Ireland, two workers lose their lives to suicide each working day, rather than to physical dangers associated with the job. Raising awareness about the help and support that is accessible could potentially reduce this statistic.

Improve Wellbeing Awareness in the Construction Industry with Ford: Help is Available, but Needs Higher Visibility"
With Ford selling almost one in three new commercial vehicles in the UK and Ireland, we can actively promote wellbeing awareness among our customers and prioritize mental safety on construction sites on the same level as physical safety. By increasing visibility of support, more workers can access available resources and seek the help they need.
If you work in the construction industry, you can make a difference in your business by getting involved.

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