Finlay Motor Group have in stock this Ford Anglia Welfare Trailer

Construction sites can be tough environments for workers, which is why having the right welfare facilities is crucial. A welfare vehicle like the Anglia welfare trailer provides a comfortable and safe environment for workers to take breaks, change, and relax during their long shifts.

  • One of the main benefits of the Anglia welfare trailer is its mobility. Construction sites are often in remote locations, and the trailer allows workers to have access to all the necessary facilities, no matter where they are working. This helps to increase worker morale and productivity, making a big difference in the success of a project.

  • The Anglia welfare trailer is also equipped with all the necessary amenities, including a kitchen, toilet, and sleeping area. This provides a level of comfort and privacy for workers, allowing them to recharge and get back to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next task.

  • Another advantage of the Anglia welfare trailer is its safety features. The trailer is made with high-quality materials and is designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions. It is also equipped with fire suppression systems and other safety features, making it a safe and secure environment for workers. In addition, the Anglia welfare trailer is also environmentally friendly.

  • Finally, the Anglia welfare trailer is designed with accessibility in mind. This inclusive design helps to create a supportive and inclusive work environment for all workers, regardless of their abilities.



  • 240V Mains inlet
  •  Blown air heating

  • Hot water

  • Fresh water (drinkable)

  • Microwave, kettle & sink

  • Heavy duty worktop

  • Seating for eight with table

  • Electric Flush Toilet

  • Ample 240V, 12V & USB outlets

  • External and internal storage

  • Separate drying room

  • Twin axel

  • White faced GRP body (inside & outside)

  • Robust easy clean interior.

  • LED Lighting



  • Heavy duty wheel clamp

  • Towing hitch lock box

  • Smoke alarm

  • In conclusion, the Anglia welfare trailer is the ideal solution for construction sites that need to provide comfortable, safe, and accessible welfare facilities for their workers. It is a highly mobile, well-equipped, and environmentally friendly solution that is designed to meet the needs of all workers, making it a valuable investment for any construction site.

Anglia Welfare Unit available at Finlay Motor Group