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Finlay Motor Group would like to wish you a lovely long bank holiday weekend!

Please take note of our opening hours so we dont miss you over the bank holiday weekend.

Our opening hours are as follows:

Friday, 3rdBank-Holiday August |Business as usual, 9am – 6pm Saturday, 4th August | Business as usual, 9am – 3pm Sunday, 5th August | Closed Bank Holiday Monday, 6th August | Closed Tuesday, 7th August | Business as usual, 9am – 6pm
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Initial Enquiry The initial enquiry may take the form of a customer visiting the showroom, phoning in, sending an email or making contact through one of our website. Phone Enquires Receptionists will determine the nature of the vehicle enquiry and pass the customer to the relevant and available salesperson. If no salesperson is available, the receptionist will collect the customer contact details and email them to a relevant salesperson. Email / Web Enquiries Email / Web enquiries are received by the marketing department and distributed to the relevant sales person. When an email enquiry is received the salesperson must respond as soon as possible. Once it is established that the contact is “Enquiring about a vehicle that we sell” the contact must be entered onto CRM. Every effort should be made to get the customer to visit the showroom. The salesperson will send a reply email to the marketing department detailing the outcome of the enquiry. Marketing will update the Web Enquiry Register with the enquiry outcome. The objective of dealing with phone, web or email enquiries is to get them to visit the showroom. This is done partly by provi [...]
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Ford – Customer Permission Form

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Finlays A4 Customer Quotations MAY18.SOP


This year marks the third year of our car partnership between Finlay Volvo and The Curragh Racecourse.

We joined up to be official car sponsors with The Curragh Racecourse back in 2015. The partnership is one that works really well for us, and one we are very proud of. Both organisations have a long-standing history in the county of Kildare & being able to associate our Volvo brand with such a great organisation is an honour to Finlay’s.

Although all race meetings throughout the year are very exciting for us, Derby weekend is the one that we look forward to every year.

The difference with Derby weekend and other meetings throughout the year is that we sponsor a race on Derby Sunday, ‘The Finlay Volvo International Stakes’.

The day of the ‘The Finlay Volvo International Stakes’ is one which lets us give back to our loyal customers throughout the year as well as showcasing [...]


Finlay Volvo CusVLO01K00338_Volvo Midsommer eDM_Dealertomers and Guests Invited to a Celebrate Midsommar, Swedish Style

On the 22nd & the 23rd of June Finlay Volvo will celebrate Sweden’s Midsommer with a range of activities and offers instore.

Midsommar is a traditional celebration in Sweden to mark the longest day of the year.  To celebrate, Volvo are offering a 10% reduction across selected models of the Volvo S90, V90, S60, V40 and V40 Cross Country. For a limited time, Volvo are also offering 2.9% PCP on all models except the XC90.  The XC90 is available with 3.9% PCP. In addition to the 10% discount Finlay Volvo are exclusively offering free metallic paint on all orders placed over the two day event.

Apart from Christmas, Midsommar is the most important holiday in the Swedish calendar. For some, Midsommar is the most important. [...]

Volvo Offers

Midsommar 182 Offer
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Experience a new kind of luxury with the Volvo S90. Where the finest Scandinavian design works in harmony with some of the most innovative safety technology ever seen.The Volvo S90 from just €39,965 for a limited time only.**Love the drive with the Volvo V40. The five-door compact hatchback perfectly blends contemporary style with intelligent design. The Volvo V40 from just €26,545 for a limited time only.**Sophisticated, spacious, safe. This is the Volvo S60 SE. Luxurious and intelligent Scandinavian design combine to deliver a powerful driving experience - beautifully. The Volvo S60 SE from just €32,500 for a limited time only**.

Ford Offers

182 Clean Up Offers
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Passenger Vehicles Model 182 Clean Up Bonus APR Rate KA+ €1,250 4.9% New Fiesta €1,750 4.9% New EcoSport €4,250 4.9% C-MAX Compact Titanium €3,650 4.9% C-MAX Grand Titanium €5,150 4.9% Focus Titanium €5,250 4.9% Focus ST-Line €4,700 4.9% Focus ST €5,650 4.9% Galaxy T [...]
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